Sammamish 1st Ward 2010 Lesson Schedule  

Posted by ReelTym

DateLesson Title
3-JanPresidency Message (Bro. Ashton Smith)
10-JanGP: Ch. 1: Our Father in Heaven (4–7)
17-JanTFOT: Fathers and Sons: A Remarkable Relationship (M. Russell Ballard)
24-JanWard Conference
31-JanCombined Priesthood / Relief Society
7-FebPresidency Message (Bro. Shawn Mohammed)
14-FebGP: Ch. 2: Our Heavenly Family (8–12)
21-FebGP: Ch. 3: Jesus Christ, Our Chosen Leader and Savior (13–16)
28-FebTFOT: Our Perfect Example (Henry B. Eyring)
7-MarPresidency Message (Pres. Brent Beardall)
14-MarGP: Ch. 4: Freedom to Choose (17–21)
21-MarGP: Ch. 5: The Creation (22–25)
28-MarTFOT: Ask, Seek, Knock (Russell M. Nelson)
4-AprGeneral Conference (Bro. Brad Simpson)
11-AprGP: Ch. 6: The Fall of Adam and Eve (26–30)
18-AprGP: Ch. 7: The Holy Ghost (31–33)
25-AprTFOT: To Acquire Spiritual Guidance (Richard G. Scott)
2-MayGP: Ch. 8: Praying to Our Heavenly Father (34–38)
9-MayGP: Ch. 9: Prophets of God (39–43)
16-MayStake Conference
30-MayCombined Priesthood / Relief Society
6-JunPresidency Message (Bro. Ashton Smith)
13-JunGP: Ch. 10: Scriptures (44–49)
20-JunGP: Ch. 11: The Life of Christ (50–58)
4-JulPresidency Message (Bro. Shawn Mohammed)
11-JulGP: Ch. 12: The Atonement (59–66)
18-JulGP: Ch. 13: The Priesthood (67–71)
1-AugPresidency Message (Pres. Brent Beardall)
8-AugGP: Ch. 14: Priesthood Organization (72–80)
15-AugGP: Ch. 15: The Lord’s Covenant People (81–86)
29-AugCombined Priesthood / Relief Society
5-SepPresidency Message (Bro. Brad Simpson)
12-SepGP: Ch. 16: The Church of Jesus Christ in Former Times (87–93)
19-SepGP: Ch. 17: The Church of Jesus Christ Today (94–100)
3-OctGeneral Conference
10-OctGP: Ch. 18: Faith in Jesus Christ (101–106)
17-OctGP: Ch. 19: Repentance (107–113)
31-OctCombined Priesthood / Relief Society
7-NovStake Conference
14-NovGP: Ch. 20: Baptism (114–119)
21-NovGP: Ch. 21: The Gift of the Holy Ghost (120–124)
5-DecPresidency Message (Bro. Ashton Smith)
12-DecGP: Ch. 22: The Gifts of the Spirit (125–132)
19-DecGP: Ch. 23: The Sacrament (133–137)