DtDNS IP Updater CMD Script  

Posted by ReelTym

Filename: update.cmd

@echo off
cd /d %~dp0
echo ----------------------------- GETTING IP -----------------------------
wget "http://myip.dtdns.com" -o getip.log
type getip.log
del getip.log
if exist index.html (
  set /p MYIP=<index.html
  echo MYIP=%MYIP%
  del index.html
  echo ----------------------------- SETTING IP -----------------------------
  wget "http://www.dtdns.com/api/autodns.cfm?id={domain}&pw={password}&ip=%MYIP%" -o setip.log
  if exist "autodns.cfm*" del autodns.cfm*
  type setip.log
  del setip.log

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